Strategy & Advisory

We translate people’s needs, technological possibilities and business opportunities into remarkable customer experiences.

We provide the strategic advice you need to maximise the value of your technology investments.

At 9X5, we specialise in helping organisations unlock the full potential of their IT investments. By aligning your technology with your strategic and operational objectives, we can help you revolutionise your operations, enhance your customer experience, and gain a competitive edge.

Our collaborative approach involves working closely with clients across Australia and Asia to collect and share insights. We guide you through the entire process from ideation and development to implementation, ensuring that your strategic objectives are met.

Strategy & Advisory Capabilities

We take an outside-looking-in approach to your business strategy that avoids convoluted models or jargon. Our assumption-free approach puts your customers at the centre, helping you get market and customer insights from outside your four walls. With our help, you’ll gain clarity and make the right choices to drive your business forward.

Matthew Willie

Chief Executive Officer


Key Benefits

Improved Alignment

We help ensure that the technology investments of your organisation align with its overall business goals and objectives. By providing strategic guidance, we prioritise digital initiatives that are critical to the success of the business.


We identify and evaluate emerging technologies and trends, and recommend innovative solutions to address your business challenges.

Problem Identification

Identify and manage IT-related risks, including cybersecurity, compliance, and operational risks. By proactively addressing these risks, you reduce the likelihood of disruptions to your operations.


Streamline your technology operations, identify opportunities for automation, and optimise your IT infrastructure. Drive cost savings, improved productivity, and more efficient use of resources.

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Our eBook helps demystify the complex world of digital transformation and provides practical insights and strategies to implement it in your organisation successfully.

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