Our architects help build the foundations to empower you to embrace the digital age.

Setting the roadmap for digital transformation requires understanding your organisation's enterprise architecture, strategic goals and client needs.

The enterprise and data architects at 9X5 possess the expertise to translate business strategies and visions into practical enterprise modifications. We make sure to fully comprehend the current and anticipated state of our client’s businesses, enabling progress and digital transformation.

Our enterprise and data architecture services provide a comprehensive understanding of your business processes, data flows, and technological landscape. Collaborating with you, we can establish concrete directions and action steps towards IT and business structures that support your future goals. Our enterprise architects serve as strategic advisors for digital transformation, with a focus on expediting your growth and business efficiency.

Our enterprise architecture framework and methodology are built upon years of experience working with organisations of all sizes across Australasia. In conjunction with the skills of carefully selected partners and vendors, we offer a full suite of capabilities to help you achieve effective enterprise modifications and foster stronger collaboration between stakeholders.

Chris Gill

Head of Delivery


Key Benefits

Meaningful Change

Our architects are skilled at turning business strategy and vision into effective enterprise change. By understanding the present and future state of the business, they can help enable evolution and digital transformation.

Holistic Vision

Our architects provide a holistic and independent understanding of business processes, data flows, and technology environments, enabling them to find concrete direction and step toward IT and business landscapes that support future targets.

Strategic Advice

Our architects provide strategic digital transformation advice. They seek ways to accelerate growth and enterprise efficiency while ensuring alignment with the overall business strategy.


Our architects promote enhanced collaboration between stakeholders by combining our comprehensive architecture framework and methodology with the skills of selected partners.

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Our eBook helps demystify the complex world of digital transformation and provides practical insights and strategies to implement it in your organisation successfully.

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