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In today’s business world, companies depend on gathering, storing, and combining data from different sources to gain valuable insights and make informed decisions. Data analytics has become a crucial part of revenue generation, cost reduction, and maximising profits. Therefore, it is not surprising that the amount of data being generated and analysed, along with the variety and number of data sources, has dramatically increased.

Companies that rely on data to drive their decisions and operations need powerful tools to manage and analyse large amounts of data across their organisation. These tools must be able to handle large volumes of data and be dependable and secure enough to meet the regulations in highly regulated industries.

Additionally, they must be adaptable to support a wide range of data types and use cases. The requirements for these tools are beyond what traditional databases can offer, which is where the data warehouse comes in. A data warehouse is a specialised database system that can efficiently store, manage, and analyse large volumes of data from various sources, making it an essential tool for data-driven companies.

9X5 offers cloud-based data warehousing solutions for companies of all sizes, in any industry, anywhere around the globe. In order to effectively store, manage, and ultimately, analyse your data, it needs to be warehoused.

Matthew Willie

Chief Executive Officer


Key Benefits

Built for Scale

Cloud warehousing solutions are elastic, meaning they can effortlessly scale up or down alongside your business needs with minimal hassle or manhours.

Stable Storage

Store large amounts of your historical and current data in a stable, centralised repository. Ensuring your data is safe, protected from cyber-attacks, and ready to access when you need it.


Having your data in disparate systems makes security a challenge. Storing your data increases the visibility of your information and facilitates your plans to secure it.

Data Quality and Consistency

By standardising data from various departments, the results produced by each department become consistent with the others. This leads to a more reliable and accurate dataset, giving companies greater confidence in the data they are using.

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