Our vCIO service provides strategic ICT consulting services for organisations without full-time support.

Our Virtual Chief Information Officer Solution

Looking for a way to manage your IT infrastructure without hiring a full-time executive? Consider a Virtual CIO (vCIO) service. A vCIO gives you ongoing access to a senior executive who can create an annual Strategic IT Plan, consult regularly with your senior management team and manage IT performance within your organisation, all for a fraction of the cost of a full-time executive.

With a vCIO from 9X5, your existing IT infrastructure will be assessed, and the areas that need the most attention will be prioritised. Our vCIOs are experienced in Managed IT, so they know where to spend your budget to maximise business impact and avoid over-investment. After the review, a Strategic IT Plan will be developed with specific action items, timelines, and budgets.

The right IT plan can help transform your business by focusing on what truly matters, such as freeing staff, improving your customer experience, and ensuring all your IT support needs are met. Our vCIOs are strategic thinkers with a passion for IT Strategy, they take the time to understand your organisation, your goals, technical infrastructure and digital ambitions then provide tailored, strategic advice to your decision-makers on how to leverage technology throughout your business.

A vCIO from 9X5 will leverage their vendor partnerships and industry knowledge to keep up to date with the latest technological changes, ensuring you always get the best, impartial advice. Get in touch with us to see how a vCIO can help transform your business while keeping IT costs under control.

Simon Zanatta

Head of Client Relations


Key Benefits

Strategic IT Plans

Your vCIO will be trained for and have a passion for providing the best IT Strategy plan for your business. Keeping sure they remain impartial and with your organisational goals front of mind.

Full IT Department Audit

Our vCIOs will conduct full-scale audits of your entire IT Environment, including current systems, licenses, architecture and core infrastructure to create the best IT Strategy possible for your company.

Cost Effective

A Virtual CIO does not require the hip-pocket commitment of a regular CIO. Access to top-level management and expertise, without the top-level price mark.

Ongoing Support

Our vCIOs work with your business to not only ensure you get a new IT Strategy plan, but also have all the help and support required to ensure painless rollout and maintenance.

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