Technology Procurement

As a licenced technology reseller for many trusted brands, we combine competitive pricing and platform expertise.

Simplify your technology purchases, replacements, and rollouts with our support.

We understand that every business has unique procurement needs, which is why we provide customised solutions for your technology rollout. Our services include imaging and software packaging, asset tagging, on-site data migration and installation, buffer stock management, as well as e-waste and data destruction. We can also provide training for new staff during technology deployment or induction.

At 9X5, we are leading the technology industry with our innovative approach that combines technology sales, strategy, advisory, and development. We collaborate with our clients and technology partners to offer tailored services and creative solutions that meet your organisation’s specific requirements.

Simon Zanatta

Head of Client Relations


Key Benefits


We bring extensive expertise and knowledge in sourcing, selecting, and procuring technology solutions. We provide insights into industry trends, and vendor capabilities so you can make informed decisions.


Save time and resources by having us manage your procurement process. This includes researching vendors, negotiating contracts, and managing vendor relationships so your team can focus on core areas of your business.

Price Savings

We help you identify cost-saving opportunities by analysing your existing technology spend, consolidating contracts, negotiating better pricing and terms, and leveraging our vendor relationships.

Reduce Risk

We help you mitigate risks associated with technology procurement, including compliance and security risks.

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