Product Management

Identify your customer's needs and align your product features and business objectives to them. Ensure that your product vision keeps you ahead of the competition.

Build products that exceed the needs of your customers and keep you ahead of your competition.

We specialise in helping organisations achieve growth through our product management consulting, mentoring, and cultural change services.

Our team of Product Management experts at 9X5 provides a range of services to help businesses succeed, including:

  • Product Vision and Strategy
    We assist businesses in achieving their objectives by creating a product strategy that aligns with their vision and executes to plan. With more than 25 years of experience in digital product vision, strategy, and roadmaps, we provide our services to start-ups and enterprises looking to transform.
  • Product Ideation
    We have a keen interest in helping start-ups and early-stage businesses validate new product and feature ideas before investing in expensive design and technology builds.
  • Product Lifecycle Management
    Our Product Managers help organisations gain control of the lifecycle of their products, feature prioritisation, and ultimately, their success. We work closely with stakeholders to coalesce their needs while triaging technical questions that arise during development.
  • Product Team Development
    We help growing businesses develop, build, and maintain their product team and function by understanding the necessary skills and timing for hiring. This is a critical component of a startup’s team development and ultimate success.

At 9X5, we believe in collaborative work, regularly discussing challenges and opportunities to leverage our collective experience. This approach helps us provide our clients with more valuable recommendations and execution.

Chris Gill

Head of Delivery


Key Benefits


A well-defined product management approach helps businesses create a clear product vision that aligns with their overall business objectives. In turn, this helps organisations focus their resources and efforts towards achieving key goals.

Product Development

We take a critical role in the product development process, ensuring that products are developed on time, within budget, and meet customer needs.

Customer Understanding

Extensive market research and understanding customer needs and wants helps create products that meet customer demands.

Business Agility

Ensure products remain relevant in the market by identifying emerging trends, adjusting strategies, and making necessary changes to products.

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Our eBook helps demystify the complex world of digital transformation and provides practical insights and strategies to implement it in your organisation successfully.

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