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Tackle major programmes and projects with confidence.

Experts focused on portfolio delivery and governance.

Hiring a dedicated programme or project management team (PPM) can offer several benefits to clients, regardless of the goal. With responsible and innovative leadership, insights from various industries, and the expertise of an experienced team, even the most substantial and complicated projects can be successfully tackled.

At 9X5, we collaborate with clients in all industries and provide skilled project management teams to support projects throughout the entire building lifecycle. Our services include developing the initial business case, procurement, design management, and construction management.

However, we do not limit ourselves to the core objectives of a project. We leverage our extensive knowledge to add value in various ways, depending on the project. We may identify opportunities to establish more ambitious sustainability goals or enhance the overall workplace experience. We take the time to assess the possibilities and offer value without introducing bureaucracy or additional costs.

Chris Gill

Head of Delivery


Key Benefits

Expertise When Needed

Gain access to a team of professionals with specialised expertise and experience in managing complex programs without the long-term costs of hiring in-house.

Cost Savings

Avoid the expenses associated with maintaining an in-house team such as recruitment costs, salaries, benefits, and office space.

Increased Efficiency

Improve efficiency in program delivery with a team that is focused solely on managing the program and ensuring that it stays on track.

Risk Management

Our specialists are equipped to handle risks associated with the program and bring the tools and experience needed to mitigate those risks effectively.

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