Our governance services define your governance structures and responsibilities to ensure your organisation scales without issues.

Governance provides a structure for aligning IT strategy with business strategy.

In today’s highly competitive economic landscape, organisations are looking to achieve more with less. IT Governance is crucial to achieving business objectives and gaining a competitive advantage. Additionally, businesses are facing more stringent regulations related to data protection, security, and financial accountability. With the rising costs of IT and increased risk exposure, IT Governance has become a necessity for organisations.

Our IT Governance framework is designed to align IT investments with business strategies and optimise the use of limited IT resources. Successful organisations actively design a set of IT Governance mechanisms that align with their mission, strategy, and culture. Without proper IT Governance, organisations risk losing alignment between IT investments and business objectives, making it challenging to achieve top and bottom-line results.

At 9X5, we can help you establish a robust IT Governance framework that ensures optimal usage of IT resources and encourages behaviour consistent with your organisation’s mission and strategy. With our IT Governance solutions, you can achieve greater alignment between IT investments and business objectives, reduce IT-related risks, and drive better financial results.

Matthew Willie

Chief Executive Officer


Key Benefits


IT Governance Improves alignment between IT investments and business objectives, ensuring that investments are aligned with your organisation's strategic goals and outcomes.

Reduced Risk

Our governance framework helps identify and mitigate IT-related risks, such as security breaches, data loss, and system failures, protecting your reputation and bottom-line.

Operational Efficiencies

Our governance framework encourages the optimal use of IT resources, leading to increased operational efficiency and reduced IT costs.

Regulatory Compliance

Our governance framework helps organisations comply with regulatory requirements related to data protection, security, and financial accountability.

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