Learn how your school can establish a 360-degree view of your entire operation, saving your staff endless hours of time and energy, and placing the most critical metrics in the palm of your hand.


Education360 is a solution for schools that helps to establish a 360-degree view of each business unit in the school, all the way up to a centralised dashboard view of the entire institution. This cloud-based platform, built on top of Domo, provides near real-time access to business data for decision-makers across the organisation with minimal IT involvement.

In addition to structured and unstructured data, Education360 helps to manage “dark data,” which is continuously collected and stored but is not organised. This data is often overlooked and not used to its full potential. Our team works with schools to develop a data strategy that helps to explore, store and structure their data to derive real business value. Once the data is organised, we supply visualisations, dashboards, and analytics that make big data easier to understand and manage.

Centralising data through Education360 helps schools better understand the information they collect and make more informed decisions based on that data. Our consultants help schools to identify key metrics and use data to drive continuous improvement. By leveraging the power of analytics, Education360 can help schools save time, reduce costs, and improve student outcomes.

Investing in Education360 provides a way for schools to gain access to valuable insights hidden within their data. Being ready for data analytics can be costly for schools, leading to missed opportunities and poor decision-making. Education360 helps schools to become more data-driven and make informed decisions that positively impact their students, faculty, and staff.

Aquib Mehdad

Customer Success Manager


Key Benefits

Data Governance

Effective data governance begins at the data source with clear business rules, ownership, and stewardship to ensure quality, compliance, and management of data. We provide targeted data governance services for Education360 and governance councils.


We are committed to empowering your team to fully utilise the platform, develop new use cases, and maximise your investment long into the future for shared success.


We offer specialist Domo solution architecture services to ensure your dashboards are designed to the highest standards. This includes designing robust data sourcing, two-way integrations, and scalable data pipelines.


From the implementation of architected solutions to the development of custom connectors and apps. Our certified and skilled developers will ensure the highest quality implementation of your projects.

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