We’re excited to announce that we’ve been awarded Domo’s Global Rookie Partner of the Year Award at the Domopalooza 2021. 9X5 is changing the way that companies and educational institutions think and act on their data through insightful analytics as they become highly effective data-driven organisations. In our partnership with Domo, we are the first to bring institution-wide analytics through Education360 to the global education market, enabling schools and their governing bodies to move into the future with confidence.

Domo Rookie Partner Of the Year

This award recognises our exhibited strong delivery, deep knowledge and technical expertise, and dedicated support for the Domo partnership. The award criteria include:

  • Significant number of consultants dedicated to the partnership
  • Senior executive support and collaboration
  • Strong services delivery results
  • Significant investment in Domo certifications
  • Specialisation and industry expertise
  • Proactive sales capacity and capability
  • Partnership promotion