The 9X5 Northern Team wrapped up a year of hard work with a festive Christmas celebration, marked by a private cruise along the iconic Sydney Harbour and a delightful lunch at The Pantry Manly.

Against the stunning backdrop of Sydney’s skyline, the team embarked on a private cruise, providing a picturesque setting for reflection and camaraderie. As the waves carried them towards Manly, the vibrant suburb known for its beaches, the team reveled in the festive spirit and the achievements of the past year.

The cruise was followed by lunch at The Pantry Manly, a waterfront gem. Laughter and toasts filled the air as colleagues savored a well-deserved feast, celebrating not just the successes of 2023 but the bonds that make the 9X5 Northern Team a cohesive unit.

As the sun set over Sydney Harbour, team members dispersed, carrying with them the warmth of the holiday season and memories of a celebration that strengthened their professional and personal connections. The event encapsulated the essence of the season, emphasising that the strength of a team lies not just in accomplishments but in shared moments of joy and camaraderie.