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The client recognised the importance of leveraging data analytics to drive operational excellence and strategic decision-making across their organisation. However, their existing Domo-based analytics suite faced challenges related to usability, navigation, and user engagement. To address these issues and unlock the full potential of their analytics platform, the organisation engaged 9X5 Consulting to implement usability improvements and enhance user engagement.


To overcome the challenges, 9X5 Consulting devised a strategic approach to enhance the usability and engagement of their Domo-based analytics suite. 9X5 Consulting collaborated closely with the client to implement targeted modifications and enhancements tailored to their specific needs. We delivered:

  • Usability Assessment: 9X5 Consulting conducted a comprehensive usability assessment of the client’s Domo-based analytics suite to identify pain points, usability issues, and areas for improvement through user testing, feedback collection, and analysis of user interactions.
  • User-Centred Design: Based on the findings from the usability assessment, 9X5 Consulting employed a user-centred approach of design iterations, wire framing, and prototyping to refine the user interface.
  • Navigation Optimisation: 9X5 Consulting focused on optimising the navigation structure of the client’s Domo-based analytics suite to improve ease of use and accessibility. This included restructuring dashboards, organising content, and implementing intuitive navigation paths to streamline user interactions and facilitate data discovery.


By partnering with 9X5 Consulting to enhance their Domo-based analytics suite, the organisation achieved significant outcomes including improved usability, increase usage and enhanced decision making.

By leveraging user-centred design principles and targeted modifications, the client successfully transformed their analytics platform into a powerful tool for driving operational excellence and strategic insights in the aerospace manufacturing industry.

Client Overview

Our client specialises in advanced manufacturing serves customers in the global defence and commercial aerospace sectors.

With internationally recognised accreditations and cutting- edge technology, this company operates dedicated teams and facilities in the USA, NSW, and Victoria.