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As part of a strategic review In 2021, our client realised that to meet the growing expectations of their members, they needed to undertake a large-scale. multi-year digital transformation journey, with the aim of uplifting core systems, and delivering a user experience to members that was industry leading.
With a small in-house ICT function, they faced the challenge of rapidly scaling the size of their ICT team, to meet a set of objectives which were still being devised, all during a period of significant hiring challenges, with both the COVID pandemic and record low unemployment making the ICT labour market challenging.


The Financial Institution faced the challenge of rapidly expanding the size and capabilities of its ICT team while still defining and prioritising the workload of its transformation program. They partnered with 9X5 Consulting to achieve their ambitious goals due to our expertise in project delivery, analytics and digital development.
9X5 and the Institution set up twice-weekly requirements meetings, where program updates leading to changes in hiring requirements or timetables were discussed. These sessions were critical when platform selections were made, as this would dramatically impact the role requirements.
After each resourcing meeting, 9X5 would assess the impact, assemble a recommended resourcing package, and then start our regular recruitment process, albeit with new or modified roles.
9X5’s recruitment process is focused on both fast turnaround and organisational fit, reducing the sourcing life cycle from months to weeks.
The collaboration between the Financial Group and 9×5 Consulting was characterised by a strategic approach and a deep commitment to delivering tangible results. 9×5 Consulting’s team of consultants.


Over 12 months, 9X5 deployed a team of 37 highly skilled consultants to support the group’s ICT function, driving their digital transformation journey forward.
We provided consultants across Architecture, UX Design, Development, Project Management, Quality Assurance and Business Analysis.
Through a combination of expertise, dedication, and collaborative spirit, the client was able to navigate the complexities of modernisation and emerge as a stronger, more agile organisation poised for future growth.

Client Overview

Our client is one of Australia’s best- known and most trusted alternative asset managers, with over $19 billion in assets under management across almost 100,000 investors, including some of the world’s largest financial institutions.

With over $19 billion in assets under management across almost 100,000 investors, including some of the world’s largest financial institutions, they are a market leading financial management institution.