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Welcome to the Student and Staff Engagement Intervention Tool.


Real Campus Population Data has been supplemented with dummy Student and Staff Profiles, and interactions with Moodle, Zoom, Microsoft Teams & Echo360 have then been used to create an engagement algorithm for each interaction.


To find non-engaged students and prevent a reduction in course completion rates. Additionally, identify staff that are not reaching students effectively or struggling to adapt to an online environment.

Campus Profile Snapshot

The campus profile snapshot provides a quick overview of some key corhort breakups. Certain metrics such as proportion of HECS-Liable and International Citizenship have been created to provide a snapshot of potential medium to long term risk areas for the University. Data has been sourced from publically available reports.

Interaction tip. Hovering over card name will provide additional information on how to interact with and interpret the data presented within the card.

Engagement Ranking

Using algorithm scores.

Academic Staff Interactions

How are staff adapting to teaching online?