The Technical Support to Schools Program (TSSP)


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The Technical Support to Schools Program (TSSP)

The Technical Support to Schools Program (TSSP) is a remarkable initiative that offers a unique opportunity for individuals to make a significant impact in the field of education and technology support. The TSSP is dedicated to assisting Victorian Government Schools with their information and communication technology needs. It provides onsite technical support, ensuring that schools can effectively leverage technology to enhance classroom learning and address challenges within their budget constraints.

The TSSP, in collaboration with eduSTAR — ICT Services, Software and Advice for Schools, provides the perfect solution for IT Support Technicians all around Victoria with the ability to work close to home and working hours to suit any lifestyle. The Program is ideal for those who value work-life balance.

Learn how you can positively impact your local community by providing Technical Support Services to schools of all sizes in your area that need it the most. Take advantage of the opportunity to sign up for this extremely rewarding and fulfilling role.

Use the table below if you would wish to apply for a role.

David Diako

Chief Operating Officer


Key Benefits

Work Close to Home

The TSSP allows you to choose which schools you work in, meaning you can curate a roster that is close to your home.

Ongoing Support & Training

9X5 is committed to the training and career development of all our staff. A placement with the TSSP through 9X5 will see your career in Information Technology soar.

Work-Life Balance

With the ability to pick and choose where they work, TSSP candidates can tailor their work week to cater for better work-life balance. Work full-time or part-time, it's up to you!

Support Your Local Community

Give back to your local community by providing top-tier Information Technology support to local schools that deserve it most.

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