Big 4 Australian Bank

Learn how 9X5 helped an Australian Big 4 Bank Deploy Domo Business Intelligence for their Marketing Department.


This Australian Big 4 Bank faced challenges in analysing and centralising their Social Media Advertising data.

The data was scattered across multiple disparate systems, making it difficult to consolidate information on cost, run time, results, and feedback. Collating and reporting on the various data sources consumed a significant amount of time and resources.

Over 1500 hours per month was being spent by the bank on manually creating reports, gathering data from multiple sources by hand, and trying to blend and analyse said data without external help.


9X5 proposed and implemented Domo, a cloud-based analytics platform, to address the bank’s data consolidation challenges.

Domo was chosen for its ability to centralise disparate systems and provide a user-friendly dashboarding platform, enabling easy access to all the required information in one place.

Domo proved instrumental in managing the bank’s massive data volumes, with over 1 billion rows of data ingested daily and approximately 400 billion rows per year. The platform efficiently stored, visualised and blended this this data, enabling the bank to analyse their data faster than ever before, and enhanced their decision-making.

The implementation of Domo significantly reduced the bank’s manual reporting efforts, saving hours of valuable time. Previously, the bank conducted a lengthy four-hour meeting twice a month to review advertising statistics. With Domo, these meetings became obsolete, as staff and decision-makers gained access to real-time, on-demand information through the platform.


The adoption of Domo has had a profound impact on the Big 4 Australian Bank and its operations.

Domo’s centralised data approach eliminated the need for manual data collation and reporting. This automation saved the bank significant hours and resources that were previously allocated to compiling reports, enabling employees to focus on more strategic tasks.

Domo empowered the bank’s staff and decision-makers with a comprehensive view of their social media advertising data in real-time. By accessing Domo’s intuitive dashboarding platform, they can make data-driven decisions faster and with greater accuracy, improving the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

Seamless Collaboration: With over 100 Domo users within the bank and external marketing agencies, Domo facilitated seamless collaboration and data sharing. Marketing agencies working on social media campaigns for the bank gained access to the bank’s Domo instance, ensuring transparency and alignment in data analysis and reporting.

By centralising and streamlining the data analysis process, Domo enabled the bank to operate more efficiently. The platform’s ability to store and visualise vast amounts of data in an organised and accessible manner significantly reduced the time and effort required to extract insights and generate reports.

9X5 successfully addressed the Big 4 Australian Bank’s challenges in analysing and centralising their social media advertising data. By implementing Domo, the bank experienced significant time savings, improved decision-making capabilities, enhanced collaboration, and increased operational efficiency.

The successful partnership between 9X5 and the bank showcases the transformative power of analytics solutions in addressing complex data management issues within large organisations.

Client Overview

Our client is one of Australasia’s largest financial institutions and employers, with over 32,000 staff and over 8.5 million customers.

As a truly globally-focused organisation, their scale and connectivity allow them to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing our business and community such as climate action, affordable housing, and backing Indigenous businesses.

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