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Discover how 9X5 implemented a complete, cloud-hosted data management platform that supported campaign attribution and reporting using Domo.


Advertising Advantage, a company seeking to automate its TV spot attribution and client reporting workflow, faced several challenges.

They lacked a comprehensive data management infrastructure and relied on manual processes for data sourcing, storage, transformation, visualisation, and sharing.

This manual approach was time-consuming, prone to errors, and hindered the efficient analysis of data. Additionally, there was a need to standardise mapping requirements and streamline network files, which further complicated their workflow.

To address these issues, Advertising Advantage sought a solution that would automate their processes, improve data management, and enhance overall efficiency.


9X5 proposed implementing Domo as the core data management solution for Advertising Advantage.

Domo offered a complete, fully cloud-hosted data management platform that supported all stages of the spot attribution and client reporting workflow.

By leveraging Domo’s capabilities, Advertising Advantage would be able to automate data connections, streamline data sourcing and storage, transform and standardise data, visualise insights, and share reports with stakeholders.


The solution involved integrating various connectors, including Domo’s Email Connector, Google Analytics Connector, Adalyser Connector, TheTradeDesk Connector, and Snowflake Connector, to facilitate seamless data integration from different sources.

A 7-day Proof of Value (PoV) was completed in order for Advertising Advantage to see the value and power of Domo for their business.


Domo’s comprehensive data management platform automated various stages of the Advertising Advantage’s workflows, including data connections, sourcing, storage, transformation, visualisation, and sharing. By eliminating manual processes, Advertising Advantage saved valuable time and reduced the risk of errors, allowing their team to shift their focus to analysing data and delivering valuable insights to their clients.

Domo provided Advertising Advantage with a fully cloud-hosted data management solution that greatly improved their overall data management capabilities. The integration of various connectors allowed for seamless integration of data from different sources. This streamlined the data sourcing, storage, and transformation processes, resulting in improved data quality and accuracy. With standardised mapping requirements and streamlined network files, Advertising Advantage established a solid foundation for effective data management, ensuring that they had access to reliable and consistent data for their reporting and analysis.

The reporting and visualisation capabilities of Domo had a significant impact on Advertising Advantage’s ability to deliver insights to their clients. With customisable dashboards and visualisations, they could present data in a compelling and meaningful way, facilitating better understanding and decision-making for their clients. The automation of the reporting process through Domo not only saved time, but also ensured that clients received up-to-date, accurate, and easy to understand reports. This enhanced reporting capability gave Advertising Advantage a competitive advantage over their competitors who still relied on manual processes and lacked a comprehensive data management solution.

The completion of a 7-day Proof of Value was instrumental in demonstrating the value and power of Domo for Advertising Advantage. The Proof of Value Project was quickly implemented into a full project, with Advertising Advantage now a long-term client of 9X5, enhancing their analytics suite as new capabilities come online.

Within a short period, Advertising Advantage experienced firsthand how Domo supported their spot attribution and client reporting workflow. This rapid PoV accelerated their understanding and adoption of Domo, allowing for a faster and smoother transition to the new data management solution.

Client Overview

Advertising Advantage is a full-service, independent, specialist growth agency established in 2003 in Sydney. They have offices in Australia, the USA and the UK.

Advertising Advantage creates powerful ads for all types of mass media and tailors hard-working media plans that deliver maximum reach and maximum results for their clients.

Connectors Utilised

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Email Connector

Email Connector