The pearling company faced significant challenges in managing its technology infrastructure. Their existing manual approach to hardware procurement and management led to inefficiencies, longer lead times for IT hardware, and the risk of hardware obsolescence.


To address these challenges, they turned to 9X5, a trusted Technology Partner, for a comprehensive solution. 9X5 provided the client with a customised MyBuy ordering portal, an experienced client manager and offered multiple warehousing options in Melbourne, Sydney, and Darwin, significantly reducing lead times for IT hardware procurement.

By prepositioning hardware in key locations and reducing the supported SKUs to standardised environments, 9X5 reduced lead times and dramatically improved SLAs between IT and the business.
9X5 also leveraged its strong relationships with key vendors like Lenovo, Microsoft, and Apple to gain favourable pricing and availability for essential hardware.

A crucial part of the solution was hardware forecasting. The client and 9X5 closely collaborated to forecast their hardware requirements, reducing delays in procurement.


Automating hardware procurement and management resulted in increased efficiency and significantly reduced errors, saving time and enhancing the reliability of the client’s technology infrastructure.

The MyBuy portal’s reporting and visualisation capabilities empowered the company to deliver insights more effectively to their team and stakeholders, improving decision-making. By adopting this comprehensive technology management solution, they gained a competitive advantage over competitors still relying on manual processes.

Completing the initial 7-day Proof of Value project demonstrated the value of the partnership with 9X5 Consulting. This success quickly transitioned into a full-scale project, making them a long- term client. In a short period, the pearling company experienced a positive impact on its technology infrastructure, resilience, and operational efficiency, paving the way for continued success across its diverse business operations.

Client Overview

An Australian company with a rich heritage spanning over 80 years is celebrated as a trailblazer in the Australian South Sea pearling sector. Presently, the company boasts a varied portfolio encompassing pearling, retail, aviation, and agriculture. With a workforce exceeding 1,200 individuals, a significant portion is dedicated to pearling operations.